Managing neurodiversity at work seminar

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Managing Neurodiversity at Work Seminar

Online, 18th October 2023, 12.30pm - 1.30pm

A clinically led session covering ‘reasonable adjustments’, top tips for managers, myths and avoiding risks managing neurodiverse people.

Hosted by the team at Occupational Health Assessment Ltd and featuring views and advice from three independent clinical specialists, Managing Neurodiversity at Work aims to guide managers and HR professionals through the easy steps that can be taken to help neurodiverse people thrive at work.

Exploring the most common ‘reasonable adjustments’ for employers to consider, as well as top tips and advice, the session follows a guided conversation between specialist clinicians.

Sharing clinical perspectives on what works well for managers, the session covers strategies to understand individual needs, target support appropriately and avoid individual traits becoming a business risk.

Setting the scene: neurodiversity at work and common ‘reasonable adjustments’ – Dr. Sumra Dar MBChB MFOM MSc MA 

(12.30pm – 12.40pm)

Managing the characteristics connected to neurodivergence – Dr Anuska Randolph-Stephens, PhD, CPsychol, BPS, HCPC (12.40pm – 13.00)

Neurodivergence in the adult population: common issues for employers – Dr Julie Denning, PhD, CPsychol, BPS

(13.00 – 13.15)

Issues facing employers: open discussion
(13.15 – 13.30)


About the panel

Dr Sumra Dar occupational health doctor
Dr Sumra Dar MBChB MFOM MSc MA

Dr Sumra Dar MBChB MFOM MSc MA is a highly qualified occupational health professional, having attained Accredited Specialist status as a Member of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine. As well as developing a wealth of experience supporting some of the most recognisable businesses in the UK, Dr Dar has also acted as Medical Adviser to a number of global clients. With additional experience in structuring and leading clinical governance programmes, Dr Dar is uniquely placed to advise and inform clients on how best to identify, mitigate or manage complex health risks.

occupational health presentation

Dr Anuska Randolph-Stephens, PhD, CPsychol, BPS, HCPC

Anuska is a clinical health coach for Working To Wellbeing supporting patients in managing their physical and mental health, enabling them to return to work. She achieved her MSc and PhD from the University of Surrey. Anuska has also completed a 3-year research role at the University of Cambridge. Anuska is the Training Lead for the team and works to upskill the clinicians in evidence-based health behaviour change approaches. She is passionate about health and wellbeing in the workforce, with a specialist interest in neurodivergence in the adult population.

Dr Julie Denning presenting with Occupational Health Assessment Ltd

Dr Julie Denning, PhD, CPsychol, BPS

Dr Julie Denning is the joint owner of Working To Wellbeing, Chair of the Vocational Rehabilitation Association, and a Chartered Health Psychologist with over 21 years’ of experience working in vocational rehabilitation. She is passionate about enabling people with long-term conditions to self-manage their symptoms and to return to and remain in work.


The session is aimed at business owners, managers and HR professionals, who may have responsibility for managing people with diagnosed neurodiverse conditions.

No, there is no charge for the session.

If you’d like us to, we’ll be pleased to provide you with an e-certificate of attendance, which you can submit as part of your annual CPD.

Please note, you’ll need to request a certificate from before the event, so we can verify your participation.

Sadly we will not be recording the session, so no video will be available to view afterwards.

No, unless you’d like to ask our experts a question, which we’ll ask you to do via the ‘chat’ function on the video platform.

No, we’ll start the session with microphones off by default and your camera on, although we understand that you may prefer to switch your camera off, which is at your discretion.

Access to the webinar is restricted and although you’re most welcome to share the invitation with a colleague, they’ll need to register (via the website) to gain access to the session.

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