Sponsorship and grants for medical students

To broaden the understanding of occupational health amongst the medical and nursing professions, we provide a number of grants, bursaries and sponsorship programmes for eligible students.

We’ve highlighted the schemes we run below, which are available for UK based students who are in the second year of a relevant medical or nursing qualification (with the exception of The Sue Britton Bursary, which is for final year students). If we make an award to you, you won’t need to pay any of the money back. To apply, you’ll need to be able to show that you are participating in a relevant course and provide a reference from your tutor.

We make awards in a number of different categories, although they’re usually focussed on academic achievement and/or for those on lower incomes.

Due to the number of applications we receive, we are sadly only able to contact those applicants who are successful in their submissions.

 Applications are also restricted to those studying to be doctors or nurses and we sadly do not accept applications from dental students, or other healthcare specialists.

Grants for electives

Electives are short-term placements where medical students can learn by assisting in real healthcare situations. Although we don’t currently provide physical placements in occupational health settings for students, we do provide £250 grants for eligible students to participate in an elective in the UK or abroad.

The grants are intended to contribute to travel and/or living costs during the elective. The awards are weighted towards those who can demonstrate they are (or have succeeded despite being) on lower incomes.

The electives must already have been organised by the applicant and confirmation of the approval or participation must be provided as part of the application process.

Academic Achievement Grant

We are pleased to recognise and encourage academic achievement in the medical and nursing professions by awarding discretionary £250 awards for outstanding academic success. We particularly welcome applications from those on lower incomes, who have overcome significant disadvantage (social, economic, medical, physical or psychological) to achieve success and from those who were educated outside the independent schools system.

The Sue Britton Bursary

Sue Britton was a double-lung transplantee who passed away in 2020. She worked in occupational health for many years.

To those who knew her, she embodied the most positive disposition and held humanity (and her two dogs) in the highest regard. To honour her memory, we are pleased to provide a £1,000 bursary for students in the final year of any nursing or medical degree.

To be eligible for the award, you should be able to demonstrate courage in the face of adversity or hardship.

Sue Britton bursary from Occupational Health Assessment Ltd
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