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We provide rapid access to specialist occupational health opinions and advice. We understand mental health, HR practices, ER, GDPR and the ACAS Code.

We help businesses identify, mitigate and manage health and absence risks. Appointments are available nationwide within 2 days.

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We help fix health problems quickly with specialist medical advice for businesses.

How to choose an occupational health doctor

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Assessments are provided within 2 days and we'll take care of all the administration too.

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All our doctors have at least 15 years' experience, so you can rely on their advice.

Appointments in 2 days

Accessing expert occupational health advice quickly is critical for most clients, especially is a mental health issue presents at work. 

We provide appointments with occupational health experts nationwide within two working days.

"Very efficient service"
Thanks for the speed at which you were able to turn this around - very efficient service.
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Connie Minty
Finance Manager, Stone marine services ltd
B-Corp Certified National Occupational Health Provider

As a B Corp, we’re part of a global community of businesses that meet high standards of social and environmental impact.

Being a B Corp is about more than being the best. It’s about always working to be better. That’s why B Lab works to evolve certification standards and why B Corps re-certify every three years, to ensure they’re keeping up and improving.

Certified B-Corporation Occupational Health Assessment Ltd

B Corp Certification means that a company has been verified as meeting high standards for social and environmental impact, it has made a legal commitment to stakeholder governance, and that it is demonstrating accountability and transparency by disclosing this record of performance publicly.

"Prompt and efficient service provided"
Prompt and efficient service provided. The opportunity to discuss a case in advance with an assessor was extremely useful. The report provided was comprehensive and came through very quickly, so we were able to move forward without delay.
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Paula Gay
Head of Human Resources, The Goldsmith's company
Accredited occupational health provider

We are an SEQOHS Accredited occupational health provider, which means we’ve been independently assessed as meeting high standards of care and service by the Faculty of Occupational Medicine.

“The service is congratulated on their high level of appreciation and support regarding individual experience, knowledge, and skills and the ongoing development of their staff” – SEQOHS Assessment Report

Occupational Health Assessment Ltd is an SEQOHS accredited occupational health provider
The level of service, support and speed of the response has been outstanding. I will make sure to recommend your services to my peers in the future. This was the very first time using OH services; thus we needed assistance and guidance. And your support has genuinely been great.
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We're here to help

We know that getting good advice can be tricky. As part of our service, we’ll guide you through the best questions to ask. We’ll provide a dedicated case manager too. That helps us work towards positive outcomes.

Why Choose Us?

Our team are accessible, professional and responsive. We deliver expert insight, right when it’s needed.

All our doctors have at least 15 years’ post-graduate experience, giving you robust and defensible advice.

Occupational health assessments are provided within 2 days of a request.

We’re based in Surrey, although with access to clinics nationwide, we can help wherever you are.

We deliver rapid access to experts in every area of occupational medicine.

A single dedicated case manager will support you and your employee, which helps improve outcomes.

Because our advice is pragmatic, commercially-focussed and defensible, it delivers value to businesses.

Our experts are accredited by specialist medical bodies. Each has a Diploma in Occupational Medicine and at least 10 years’ post-qualification experience.

Our team of medical experts

High quality care
Occupational Health Assessment Ltd is an SEQOHS accredited occupational health provider
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Certified B-Corporation Occupational Health Assessment Ltd
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Disability confident occupational health provider
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Thank you very much – I really appreciate the assistance and great service from your team and Dr. Irons
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Occupational health reports

We provide free initial advice. That helps to build a clear picture of the case. It’s the first step in the case management process.


Support is provided for managers to help plan the best route towards positive outcomes.


Our expert doctors are matched to the presenting case. They have specialist experience supporting mental health. That gives you the best advice about the condition.


Assessments take up to an hour. Appointments are within 2 working days. 


Reports are delivered within 3 days of the assessment (subject to consent).


Dedicated administration support is provided. You’re always kept fully informed.

"Really responsive and helpful"
The team made a huge difference. They were really responsive and helpful throughout. The best occupational health support we've ever received, by far.
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Robin Sibley
Managing director
Frequently Asked Questions

We provide professional medical advice for businesses. That includes guidance about how to support a mental health condition, or how a health condition may progress or develop in the future.

If used effectively, occupational health is much more than managing sickness absence and the risks associated with mental ill health. You can get professional advice, to help make sure you don’t make mistakes managing mental health at work.

Our doctors help those who may be unfortunate enough to be ill, assessing capability and fitness to work. For example, how effectively someone can perform their job. We’ll advise on whether adjustments to a role or environment may be necessary too.

Assessments are an investigation of the employee’s health, provided as a full medical report. The content of the report provided is linked with the questions asked. Therefore, we also provide guidance and support on the best questions to ask.

The reports ensure you receive professional medical advice. Nonetheless, we’ll suggest how to support the employee. However, we can’t take management decisions for you.

All employers have a legal duty to protect their staff, which is set out in the Health & Safety at Work Act. Some of the costs of absence, ill health and accidents at work are highlighted by the HSE.

There are lots of reasons why it makes business sense to manage health conditions at work. Many of them are outlined in the CIPD’s annual health and wellbeing at work report, which also has specific advice about how to approach supporting long-term health conditions.

The most common conditions we support are anxiety, stress, depression, burnout, long-covid, bad backs, physical problems, dependency issues, repeated short-term absence from work and post-surgical rehabilitation. There’s more detailed information about the risks associated with burnout in this report.

There’s more information about why occupational health assessments matter provided in this detailed article.

To support those employees who may be  be ill, or struggling with their mental health, a referral to occupational health can assess their fitness to work. This is especially relevant for mental health conditions.

An occupational health assessment is a  review of how effectively a person can perform their job, what treatment options may be worth considering and any prognosis. We’ll let you know if adjustments to a role or environment will help.

Occupational health can be incredibly useful to manage the health of your staff. It can also help you manage your Health & Safety risks and obligations too.

You can learn more in our What to Expect from Occupational Health Guide.

Early intervention and specialist medical help offer the best prospect of a successful conclusion to a health problem at work, especially mental health conditions.

Most absent employees should be able to return to previous duties, however, some may require adjustments to their role or environment.

If you’re concerned about an employee’s ability to do their job, or their mental health, it’s best to seek professional medical advice at the earliest opportunity.

If there is an underlying medical condition or longer-term disability, this does not necessarily mean that the employee will be unfit for work.

Sometimes adjustments at work are suggested (e.g. working reduced hours for a limited period). Therefore, you can demonstrate you are doing all you can to support your employee appropriately.

Where necessary, we can also help identify if the nature of an employees’ work might be having a detrimental effect on their health. That means advice can be provided to avoid any further deterioration.

When the Equality Act 2010 replaced the Disability Discrimination Act (from 1995) it brought a number of changes to management practices.

You can no longer ask questions about an employee’s mental or physical health, unless they are directly related to their workplace role or duties.

That means that questions to occupational health should be related to capability, for example, “is the employee capable of working full days?”. Employers should also avoid asking employees about the content of an occupational health assessment, other than the information provided in the report.

You cannot demand to know about illness or specific conditions, even it causes absence from work. However, employers can request a ‘fit note’ from a GP, although they generally do not provide any detail.

Arranging an occupational health appointment ensures you can manage risks, whilst fully complying with the Equality Act, moving you towards a successful return to work.

Predicting how a health condition may develop (or how much time off work is likely) can be incredibly difficult. It is not an exact science. If surgery is anticipated, it is usually possible to give an estimate of typical or likely absence duration. 

Ill-health can often be a complicated issue and sometimes it can take time to get a clear answer and a resolution. 

The content of the reports we provide following an assessment is linked with the questions asked at the start of the assessment process. We provide guidance and support about the best questions to ask.

You’ll receive professional medical advice about whether the employee has a medical condition, or suggestions about how to support the employee and advice about how things may progress. 

We can’t take management decisions for you and our advice is limited to professional medical opinions.

Occupational health appointment information

We guarantee to offer you an appointment with one of our expert occupational health specialists within 2 days of a request.

If you’d like to arrange a specific day or time to suit your employee, it can sometimes take a day or two longer.

To conduct a thorough assessment can take up to an hour. Reports are provided within 3 days of the appointment (subject to consent).

In order to give you and your employee the best advice, we need to understand the problem clearly. We’ll ask you to complete a referral form to help the information we need to conduct our assessment.

Sadly, we are unable to assess employees without a referral form being provided first. This is because we have to be able to demonstrate that we have acted fairly. Click to learn more about our privacy policy.

We’ll give you information that will help you to make decisions about an employee’s health-related problems. It helps you to comply with the law. 

Although we will always try to be as helpful as possible, we can only answer the questions that you have asked of us in your referral.

Our reports are as detailed and comprehensive as possible. If asked in the referral, we’ll answer:

  • whether we think an individual is fit for the role outlined to us
  • if an underlying health condition is present or not
  • when an employer may expect an employee to return to work
  • recommendations regarding adjustments if we think the Equality Act may apply
  • suggestions for rehabilitation programmes

Reports are provided within 3 working days (subject to consent).

Employees can ask to see the report before it is sent to you, to check for factual inaccuracies. They can request that any factual mistakes are corrected. 

Employees cannot insist that we change our opinions.

There’s more about this topic in our guide to GP reports.

You can discuss the history and background to the case before submitting a referral. That helps us to make sure we get the right clinician to support the case. 

We can’t discuss what happens during the assessment, or what’s likely to in our report. We always have to complete a consent process with the employee. Please contact us for further information.

We are pleased to provide whatever help we can to explain our reports, for example, clarifying our advice or medical language. 

To ensure we maintain our independence and impartiality, we can’t provide additional information (that’s not already contained in the report) without fully informed consent from the employee.

Although we ask employees to sign a consent form, we cannot release the report without explicit informed consent. Consent can be retracted at any time. Very rarely, employees can refuse consent to release the report.

In these circumstances, you’re then able to make whatever business decisions you need to take based upon what you do know about the case. ACAS also has some useful information and guidance for employers too.

Commercial information

We have different fees depending upon whether the assessment is conducted by a Nurse or a Doctor. You can read more about our team of experts in our occupational health doctors page.

Each referral includes a pre-assessment telephone and up to a 1 hour assessment. It also includes the compilation and provision of our report, professional opinions and all associated administration, scheduling and service.

We’re pleased to be able provide preferential terms for charitable and educational bodies. Please contact us for our current professional fee schedule.

We always to our very best to help and will always try to accommodate any late changes. Regrettably, if the appointment is missed or cancelled on the day we still need to charge the full assessment fee. This is because we cannot reuse the time once it has been set aside for the appointment.

Yes, we welcome all major credit and debit cards.

Yes, we can invoice your company. We can provide pro-forma invoices too.

We have strict environmental policies and procedures in place, as well as ethical purchasing and procurement principles.

We have been awarded Trade Mark Surrey Hills accreditation in response to our commitment to quality and sustainability. We are a paper-free business.

We also provide financial support and assistance for medical students via a range of sponsorship and bursaries.

"Support was fantastic"
I have found the delivery of support and responsiveness of contact to be fantastic while working with your service. I'd certainly suggest using your service again, as well as recommend you to others.
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Hannah Ebling
SEND Leader, Big bear education ltd
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