COVID vaccine update

COVID-19 vaccines update

Are mRNA vaccines safe for use during pregnancy? Are COVID vaccines safe for use during pregnancy? Between December 2020 and February 2021, 35,961 pregnant people were monitored via the v-safe pregnancy registry and the Vaccination Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). The aim was to identify the safety of mRNA vaccines during pregnancy. Tracking vaccines during …

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Canine covid testing

COVID-19 testing with dogs

Dogs are more accurate than lateral flow tests A French study has demonstrated that dogs are more accurate at detecting COVID-19 in humans than lateral flow tests. The study, conducted by the l’Ecole nationale vétérinaire d’Alfort in partnership with the French Ministry of Agriculture, compared canine olfactory testing with gold-standard PCR testing. Dog testing in …

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lateral flow test

Lateral flow test update

Lateral Flow Test Update Whilst the success of the vaccination programme and government measures are rightly making headlines, regular testing remains necessary to try and find cases in the community. Lateral flow tests have been publicly available for some weeks. The aim is to test people who do not have symptoms in order to find …

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covid test in the workplace

HSE Committee reports on COVID workplace testing

HSE advisory committee reports on COVID testing in the workplace Recently, the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) asked their Workplace Health Expert Committee (WHEC) to consider how various testing regimens can be used to prevent individuals with COVID-19 from entering the workplace, particularly when they may be asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic. Workplace Health Expert Committee (WHEC) …

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covid workplace testing

Covid workplace testing guidance

Workplace covid testing guidance for employers The expansion of free workplace covid testing is intended to help find cases which would otherwise be undetected. Although the tests have weaknesses, they do have a place in helping to control the virus. Employers can register to order free test kits online.  However, there are important steps for …

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covid vaccines and mammograms

COVID-19 vaccines and mammography

COVID-19 vaccination and mammograms The impact of COVID-19 vaccines on mammograms has started appearing in news articles in recent weeks. Concerns have been raised that “false positive” results may be triggered by the vaccines, leading to anxiety and possibly unnecessary treatment amongst patients.It has been suggested that the vaccines may cause swelling in glands under …

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Lateral flow test

The lateral flow test debate

The strengths and weaknesses of lateral flow tests The debate about lateral flow tests continues to twist and turn. Reports about the tests appear in the news on a daily basis. Opinion about the accuracy, effectiveness and value of the tests amongst clinicians is deeply divided. Lateral flow tests process saliva or fluid samples without …

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COVID recovery

Managing long COVID

The Long Road Ahead A Guide For Businesses (Jan 2021) “Long COVID” continues to break new ground for both businesses and doctors. Although doctors are trained in how to diagnose and support post viral syndrome, the scale and complexity of Long COVID is presenting new challenges for businesses. It’s likely to do so for many …

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