COVID vaccine immunity

COVID vaccine immunity update

How long does COVID vaccine immunity last? The results from a huge clinical study into COVID vaccine immunity have just been published. The study, one of the largest ever conducted in the UK, tracked over 6 million people’s vaccination status and matched it with COVID infection. The results contain illuminating data on just how effective

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covid breath test

An instant COVID breath test

A breath test for COVID For anyone who doesn’t enjoy being swabbed, news of a new COVID breath test may be welcome. Claimed as the first “ultra-rapid COVID-19 detection technology” a Finnish medical company has just received CE certification for their device, which means it can now be sold across Europe. The device, called a

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Managing Long Covid

Managing Long Covid at work

Returning to work after Long Covid Covid-19 is still a new illness, even though we’ve lived with the pandemic for nearly two years. Although more reliable data is being published all the time, much is still unknown about the long-term impacts of Covid infection on health. Some people recovering from Covid-19 still experience symptoms months after infection. It

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New pills to treat COVID

New pills to treat COVID

New drugs are coming to treat COVID Whilst the world has its gaze fixed upon the latest COVID variant, new treatments are coming to the rescue in the fight against the pandemic. They herald the beginning of the end to the pandemic and the disruption to daily life. Although the treatments are still sometime away, the data from trials

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Long-covid update for employers

Long-covid update

Long-covid update for employers So far there have been over 246 million reported cases of Covid worldwide, with over 5 million deaths. In the UK, there have been over 9 million cases reported and 575,000 admitted to hospital. Although mortality rates have fallen from over 30% of hospitalised patients to less than 20%, the spectre

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COVID vaccine update

COVID vaccine update

The latest COVID vaccine developments AstraZeneca safety update Many people have believed the AstraZeneca vaccine to be in some ways inferior to the Pfizer or Moderna alternatives. The vaccine was bedevilled by safety concerns in the early days of the pandemic. However, most clinicians consider the risk of serious illness from COVID far outweighs the

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COVID vaccine update

COVID-19 vaccines update

Are mRNA vaccines safe for use during pregnancy? Are COVID vaccines safe for use during pregnancy? Between December 2020 and February 2021, 35,961 pregnant people were monitored via the v-safe pregnancy registry and the Vaccination Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). The aim was to identify the safety of mRNA vaccines during pregnancy. Tracking vaccines during

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